I’m going to make a pretty calf.
Hello!As spring is approaching, my clothes are getting thinner.The skin and diet are thin, so the part that bothers me is,I'm stressed out because it's not one or two places. crying​Especially, my calves are more advanced than my body.It's always stressful, so I'm going to shrink my calves.I went to a place where I am […]

As spring is approaching, my clothes are getting thinner.
The skin and diet are thin, so the part that bothers me is,
I'm stressed out because it's not one or two places. crying

Especially, my calves are more advanced than my body.
It's always stressful, so I'm going to shrink my calves.
I went to a place where I am good at Gwangju massage, which also helps me balance my body.

It's a place with a variety of 마포마사지 special care.
I'm going to shrink your face, lower body, and back.
He says he can focus on the areas he's worried about.
So especially for the bride-to-be.
It's a famous place that's already good.
I used my car to visit him on this day.
There's a lot of parking underground.
I could use it comfortably.

It's such a nationally famous franchise.
I like it because it's a place where I can trust more.
The Gwangju Sangmu branch I visited is the new building of Chastower.
It's located on the second floor.

We're open on holidays and Sundays.
It's just that office workers can come and take care of themselves at any time.
I think it's the best advantage.
I've been busy preparing this and that.
I'm glad we're open on Sundays.

I'm worried about Corona everywhere I go these days.
This is a day-to-day, specialized company.
It's being disinfected.
And as soon as we get in, we'll check the temperature thoroughly.
I was relieved because the store looked neat.

I looked around the store and found a clean, bright marble.
Even the lights on the ceiling look luxurious.
It caught my eye.
You're being cared for in a place like this.
I feel like I'm being treated, and I feel better.
I could get a Gwangju massage.

Gwangju Massage Store is simply interior design.
It's not classy. It's not classy.
It's known as a great place.
It was selected as the best beauty shop in Gwangju.
There's a line of people coming in.
I think there's a good reason for that's all.

Check carefully with the electronic entry and exit.
And you asked me if I was parked.
Learn more about how to register your car.
He showed me around.

And then we started talking about what kind of program we're going to get.
I've seen a lot of awards and certificates in the counseling office.
I could see how talented he was.
I think I can handle my problems.
I was getting more excited.

I usually wear a short dress in spring.
Maybe it's because I've been running, but I've been solid since two years ago.
I told you I care about the calves.
You don't just solve it with care.
Find a problem that causes body imbalance.
It's the only way to find Bellance in her original condition.
He said it's better to get a program.

On one side of the wall, there's a lot of people who've been cared
There were a lot of thank-you reviews.
There were people who had the same concerns as me.
I've been through a lot of trouble, and I get it here.
You'll be able to make changes that will satisfy you.
There were a lot of people who said thank you.

Just grab a bite while you're on the table.
They even gave me eggs baked in the stone.
I've lost my hunger on the way here.
It was nice to be able to fill my stomach.

You can relate to my feelings when I talk to you.
And be kind with professional explanations.
He's guiding us through the program.
It was a place where I could trust more.
After the call, go to the dressing room.
I changed my clothes, and the changing room was clean.
I was able to use it comfortably.

More than anywhere else in hygiene.
It's a place where you pay close attention.
It's basic to use disposable sponges.
It's private in a single room.
There was nothing to worry about in hygiene.

Before we go into full-scale management,
He let go of his calves lightly.
Maybe it's because they're so good.
It's not unusual to start with your hands.

Everywhere you press, there's a lot of refreshment.
I felt like I was getting rid of my fatigue.
Especially in areas with severe clumps.
It was nice of you to release it.

At first, you do it at a low intensity.
He's getting stronger and stronger.
You're just pressing it, but your hands are so good.
I felt like I was getting lighter.

After that, you can feel the warmth of heat.
He used a device to loosen his legs.
Not only your hands, but also in many ways.
I felt refreshed deep inside my body.

Not only the legs, but also the feet.
He took care of me.
If you want your legs to be pretty, you need to take care of your feet.
You said you had to take care of it, and you had to do it at home.
He also taught me a simple acupressure method.

After that, he did pelvic stretching.
If your pelvis is crooked, your body's balance is twisted.
You said you could have edema on your calves.
She did stretching.
I don't have much flexibility.
He was careful when he didn't overdo it.

Here at Gwangju Massage, full-fledged.
Before the program goes in,
Warm prisoners of warm humidity so that muscles don't get surprised.
He covered his legs.
There's nothing I can do roughly, and in every process,
It was a shop that showed professionalism.

What products do you use while you're under management?
In detail, what care you do.
The explanation was impressive.
Using aromas to aid muscle relaxation
He said he'd take care of me.
It smells good, and I put on oil.
I was able to relax my muscles smoothly.

You've been meticulously loosening all the muscles in your legs.
I was surprised, and the muscles around my knee.
He didn't miss it and took care of course.
You don't just press your calves with strong pressure.
Stretching all the muscles.
It's bound to be cool.

After that, we're going to use the stones to get the lumps together.
He carefully solved it and detoxed it.
I've been rubbing it with my hands a lot at home.
It's definitely a professional touch.
I felt differently refreshed.

The finish tightens the muscles.
It was a process of shrinking eggs.
It's like you're always carrying a heavy load.
I had a feeling of fatigue in my leg, but when I got it,
It's light enough to feel fresh.
It was a very satisfying Gwangju Massage.
The three major hospitals in Seoul use it to make reservations.
Use a skin diagnostic to measure your skin free of charge.
And here at the Gwangju Massage Store,
Just because there's a special management discount event going on,
Well, I've got a lot of benefits and a lot of care.
I'm going to make a pretty calf.

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