You can also see strange notepad text all over the main screen or folder.
Hello, I think the temperature difference is very big in the morning and evening.It's cold in the morning, hot in the day, and it's coming up in April, but it's really not working out.Please take care of your health during the change of seasons.​Have you ever received spam ransomware mail?Please be careful not to select […]

Hello, I think the temperature difference is very big in the morning and evening.
It's cold in the morning, hot in the day, and it's coming up in April, but it's really not working out.
Please take care of your health during the change of seasons.

Have you ever received spam ransomware mail?
Please be careful not to select specific recipients, but to receive them randomly.
Usually, companies such as companies, business schools, hospitals, and organizations suffer a lot.How do you know if it's a company computer?
Anyway, mail is usually disguised as business data such as resume, cover letter quotation, bill, etc. or send by impersonating various public institutions.

Don't you feel uneasy when you receive mail from a police station or a court-martial commission?
You can open it up with curiosity about why you're sending me from a place like this where I did something wrong.The distributors are attacking this very point.
Because I have no choice but to open it.If you received it at a place like this, it's best to check with the agency first to see if it was sent to me by phone.

I'm writing a notice and attaching a file.
It's hidden inside this attached file.As soon as you download it, a virus is installed on your computer, and it binds all kinds of data.
Ransomware is a virus like this.

Lock the password in various documents such as system and Hangul or WordExcel PowerPoint pdf picture and videos and make them unusable.
And then it's a malware that requires a certain amount of money on the condition that it sends you an antidote that you can solve.
There is no direct domestic solution to the password, and only the caller can decrypt it.
Which means no one can solve it but the distributor.So if you want to get the locked documents back, you have to comply with the requirements.

First, I'll tell you what happens when you get infected.
You noticeably turn into a blank sheet of paper.

If you see a document that's all going to be the same, and you can boot into safe mode and connect the storage media with the Internet connection blocked and back up quickly.

If you look at the locked file, you can see that the title has an extra weird extension.
If you can't see it, go into the properties and the file format will be changed.

The extension is a random array of English words with no more than 10 digits.
It sticks to all the data the same, and if you see any additional forms, you can see that it's infected in duplicate.

Extensions are being newly created each day at time, and each pc caught has a different name for the extension.

And you can also see that there are strange notepad text all over the main screen or folder.
It's a kind of information book left by the distributor, which includes how to purchase an antidote, how to pay for a prohibited wallet address, etc., and how to recover it.
That's why you have to be careful about deleting them.

If you check the cost in Notepad, the time is set together at the same time.

You have to purchase the program within this period of five days on average.
Over time, the number could double and further delay could lead to a potentially unacceptable 토렌트 program.
If you must find the data, it is recommended that you solve it within this period.

I'm sure some of you don't really need a restoration.If you don't need to proceed, you can re-install the window after formatting the PC.

Regardless of whether the format is restored or not, it is recommended that you use the pc that was caught.
Since the remittance method is not the usual method and must be sent to a virtual address, there is a high risk to proceed personally.

Because the amount is large, it is difficult to send it at once and there is also anxiety.
And the approach itself is very difficult and complicated for individual users, and if there is a problem, the damage can be doubled as it may be insufficient to deal with it.

That's why we encourage you to receive recovery on an agency-wide basis.
It's important that you choose a reliable and safe place where you can deal with problems and guarantee your money.
There may be differences in fees for each company, so it is recommended that you compare them in several places before deciding.

It can be introduced through the Internet other than spam ransomware mail, so you need to be careful about using it.
I'm sure everyone's used it at least once.

I'm sure you've tried the free shared file download site.
There are a lot of cases where it gets caught due to downloaded files from p2p sites such as torrents.
In addition, YouTube advertisement window Google site and overseas sites are also flowing in.
There's no way to stop ransomware, so it's a good idea to set up and use your PC's security, and backing up is also a must.
It usually takes a lot from a computer using Win7, so if you use this version, please replace it with 10 immediately.
Ten doesn't mean you won't get caught at all.
It is important that you always keep up to date with regular updates.

It's better to install and use secure webs such as Chrome or Whalefire Fox rather than Explorer. If possible, it's better to use the files as authentic or authentic as possible.
Business computers should not be used for personal purposes other than work, and the safest way to avoid infections is to store important materials in multiple locations on external hard drives and usb instead of just on pc.

If the storage medium is continuously connected to the main body, it may take time to enter the main body, so please use it while the Internet is closed. After using it, separate it from the main body immediately.

If you experience any symptoms, please stop everything you've been working on and get an expert to check it out first.

Even if you do not proceed with recovery, we are helping you with free inspection and confirmation of the estimate. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.
And I'll write you a list of ransomware extensions confirmed by the current time.

This is not a free program, so please refer to it for confirmation.

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