It became a healing trip that relieves all the stress in everyday life.
A healing trip to the Salt Mountain Hoop Bridge & Museum Mountain, a place worth visiting in Wonju.It's the spring and March when I heard that it was snowing in Gangwon-do, so I went to a place close to Seoul to decorate the grand finale of winter with two acquaintances. Starting with the Ganhyeon tourist […]

A healing trip to the Salt Mountain Hoop Bridge & Museum Mountain, a place worth visiting in Wonju.
It's the spring and March when I heard that it was snowing in Gangwon-do, so I went to a place close to Seoul to decorate the grand finale of winter with two acquaintances. Starting with the Ganhyeon tourist attraction, Guryongsa Temple in Chiaksan Mountain and Gamyeong in Gangwon Province, we had a great time in Wonju.

  1. Wonju Salt Mountain Suspension Bridge
    Salt Mountain-gil, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 14
    Operating hours: November to April: 9 to 16:00 / Closed on the first and third Monday
    Admission fee is 3,000 won.
    First of all, it was controlled by Corona 19 for a while, so I came back to this place where I just went. It is currently operated by one-way traffic and the hiking trail is closed.
    The admission fee is 3,000 won, but it's 2,000 won as a local gift card, so it's 1,000 won. We looked around and came down to relieve the cold and hunger with warm fish cakes.
    This place is said to be the longest and the largest theme content in Wonju among mountain sidewalk bridges, but I think the ranking might have changed because there are so many peaks these days.
    When there aren't many people, your legs don't feel like shaking. But when there are a lot of people, you get to know that your legs are shaking just like your name. You can experience the beauty of this place if you walk while looking at the hole in the middle.
    The next Dulle-gil was made of wooden decks, and you can enjoy the feeling of walking in the sky without shaking, so you could taste the essence of the healing trip.
    It was a place worth visiting in Wonju that felt even more dizzying just by looking at it on Dulle-gil. I felt the thrill once again when I saw it here.
    2, Kanhyeon Tourist Site
    12 Salt Mountain Road, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
    I walked down the bridge and walked down to Ganhyeon Tourist Site. I walked around and looked at Salt Mountain because it was a trip that I had a lot of free time.
    Looking at the bridge from the bottom, there are arguments with acquaintances about how it was made. So far, questions have not been solved, and mysteriousness has been added to the question.
    Ganhyeon Tourist Site is a popular place for camping or vacation because of the shallow and clear water. Currently, the glass bridge, the main road, and the gondola are under construction, so the camping site was not open until the end.
    If the new facilities are completed in the future, it will be a landmark of Wonju where more people will visit.
  2. Unchae
    The first 여행 story of the 47 Unchae in Togol-gil, Wonju.
    Operating hours: 11:30 to 21:00 / Closed on Mondays
    I went hiking early in the morning, so I went to Unchae where a healthy meal was prepared with healthy vegetables, thinking that I should get hungry and take care of myself.
    I got to know this place through my acquaintance's introduction, so I can always stop by when I come to Wonju. The interior of the log cabin makes you feel like you're in a mountain cabin, so it makes you feel like you're traveling.
    The old stove you can see at the entrance reminds you of your school days. Wonju was a place where even the first acquaintances were very satisfied.
    We ordered the most representative Gangwon-do vegetables. I had to wait a little longer than other restaurants to make vegetable rice after receiving the order, but no one could match the taste of the rice I just made, so I was able to enjoy waiting.
    The hearty and well-prepared meal served with vegetables mixed with vegetables, and the steamy savory Cheonggukjang was a very healthy meal that made me feel the taste of my mother's hands.
    Also, there was Korean beef bulgogi, so you can enjoy the taste of elementary school students. Buckwheat pancakes and 12 neat side dishes were eaten so well that there was no place I couldn't reach.
    Also, the vegetable rice was made of Gangwon-do potatoes and rice with sesame, gomchwi, gondre, and fish roe, and it was deliciously mixed with soy sauce or red pepper paste.
    After you enjoy your meal, you'll be waiting for the savory Sungnyung. It's Sungnyung of the rice with vegetables, so I finished it with a speciality that's different from other places.
  3. Guryongsa Temple on Chiaksan Mountain
    500 Guryongsa Temple, Socheo-myeon, Wonju
    After having a hearty and satisfying lunch, we headed to Guryongsa Temple on Chiaksan Mountain to capture the snowy Sansa. It snowed, but the weather is not that cold, so I came here after meeting the scenery without an ancient history.
    Guryongsa Temple in Chiaksan Mountain, a place worth visiting in Wonju, is a temple founded by Silla costumes, and the legend of nine dragons has been reported. Because of the turtle-shaped rock at the entrance of the temple, it was changed to a turtle 'Gu'.
    Next to the quiet temple, where you can hear the sound of the scenery, the road to Chiaksan Mountain was spread out and it was really nice to walk.
    The flowing clear water and air of the valley have become a healing trip that cleanses the body and mind throughout the walk and relieves all the stress in everyday life.
  4. Mount Museum
    200 Oak Valley 2-gil, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si
    Viewing time: 10:00 to 18:00 / Closed on Monday
    Admission fee: Basic rights - 19,000 won for adults / 11,000 won for children
    We went to Wonju Museum Mountain in Guryongsa Temple with nature and healing. I could see another difference with ice and snow in the place where I used to splash with water.
    In Tadao Ando's unique architecture, I felt like I came to the winter kingdom when I saw frozen images all over the place where I could experience freedom and relaxation through the harmony of nature and culture.
    There is a permanent exhibition room, a planning exhibition room, and a Paik Nam-june Hall inside. Following the paper museum, which is the predecessor of this place, we were able to talk about paper and play interesting writing games.
    The unusual triangular coat is a space that depicts the person "in" who connects the land of "m" and the sky of "o", and if you look up at the sky, you seemed to be able to feel the energy.
    Lastly, Stone Garden was a place worth visiting Wonju with nine soft curves made of stone after looking at the ancient tombs in Korea, and it reminded me of the mountain in Korea.
  5. Gangwon Province's inspection
    Ilsan-dong, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
    Gamyeong, Gangwon Province
    Ilsan-dong, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
    Lastly, we went to Gamyeong, Gangwon Province. The sight in the middle of the city looked like the entrance to the time machine going back to the past.
    Gamyeong, Gangwon-do, was the center of local administrative affairs in charge of 26 departments, necks, counties, and prefectures of Gangwon-do during the Joseon Dynasty, and served as the government office for 500 years.
    Inside, it was divided into a business space and a support space, so it was telling us what it looked like at that time.
    I always see Dancheong in the old building. I'm especially attracted to her pretty face. It looked like a pretty bird flying into the sky.
    I went on a healing trip with my acquaintances to a place worth visiting in Wonju. From Wonju Salt Mountain Hoop Bridge, which looks like walking in the sky, to Guryongsa Temple in Seolgyeong, to Museum Mountain, which is a place of exotic architecture and culture, you can enjoy your daily life with healthy vegetables.

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