I was relieved because it was a solitary pension.
I just went on a trip to Wooljin with my friends. I've been traveling for a long time, so I was so excited. The sea of ​​the sea is the winter sea, so I decided to go to the sea. I went to see the sea and promised to heal. I ate a lot of […]

I just went on a trip to Wooljin with my friends.

I've been traveling for a long time, so I was so excited.

The sea of ​​the sea is the winter sea, so I decided to go to the sea.

I went to see the sea and promised to heal.

I ate a lot of delicious things, but there was the place where I healed most.

It was the Hupoisak pension, which was the Uljin poison pension we stayed in.

It was a two-story poison pension that was made like a villa.

So I could have a good time with my friends.

I liked the private point because it was a solitary pension.

Especially when I made a reservation at the same time these days, it was a good place.

There was a beach right in front of the pension.

If the day was a little warm, I would have enjoyed the water.

But the walls were covered with glass, so I healed with Ocean View.

When you go inside the pension, you will welcome a large living room.

It was very wide, but it was clean because it was well managed.

He wanted to be careful about hygiene.

As soon as I entered the Uljin Poison pension, I looked around the pension.

I looked around the first and second floors and the more I saw it, the better.

I thought I wanted to stay here.

There was a big TV in the living room with good lighting.

I was looking forward to dinner because this is even a karaoke device.

There were various facilities to have fun with.

I don't know how amazing it was to have a ball pool.

We were a little bit like that to go in, but it was good for the kids to play.

I thought it would be okay if I brought my nephews back later.

I love the sofa and the lug.

If you lay here with your TV on, it was healing itself.

He kept sleeping and he was sleeping and playing.

The sense of the Uljin Poison Pension stands out here.

We had a go-stop, a card, air.

I had fun playing with it after dinner.

I sang hard from daylight.

If you come to play, you should not miss the song.

We sang and enjoyed each other while we were going back.

I liked old songs, so I just picked them and sang them and traveled memories.

I felt strange because I could feel the feeling of going back to school.

Of course, I didn't just sing.

I enjoyed the other stuff and played.

If it was warmer, I would have gone to the beach and played, but this time I did not.

It was winter, and it was a little cold.

But I wanted to be free of worry when I was swimming because there was a washing machine and a dryer.

I'm so happy with this kind of consideration.

You can also eat food directly at the Uljin Poison Pension.

It's set properly in the kitchen so you don't have to take it separately.

There are various dishes, bowls, baby food plates.

We ate it in a large amount of food, of course.

I also liked that basic cooking tools were set.

I don't cook very much, but I still need it.

If it is not enough, it is good to be good.

There were not only two pots, but also sorts.

So I could use it comfortably when I was eating.

There are rice cookers, microwave ovens, and coffee machines in the Uljin Poison pension.

I was surprised to have a rice cooker that was not even in the room.

It was so well-equipped that I had to be surprised.

There were a bunch of towels set up in front of the bathroom.

It was a hotel towel, not a stiff, thin towel.

And there are basic toiletries.

I did not have to pack my luggage separately, so I was able to use it comfortably.

The inside of the bathroom was also clean and quite wide.

I'm a little sensitive about the bathroom

I was able to wash comfortably while enjoying the leisure when washing.

On the first floor, there is a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a room.

The blankets in the room are full of blankets.

So you don't have to worry about the lack of blankets.

The bed was neatly arranged.

I felt moderately solid and fluffy.

And I felt that the management was very good.

He was so quiet, without any smell.

You can see the sunrise on the terrace of the Uljin Poison Pension.

We had a lot of morning sleep so we couldn't see it.

I don't think it was bad because the sea view was awesome.

I wanted to move more diligently next time I came.

It's a staircase up to the second floor.

It was very comfortable because 힐링업 there was a room on the second floor, not just on the first floor.

This is the second floor view where I was able to heal properly.

I felt my heart really so frustrating.

This is healing, and the eyes are full of the sea.

The bed in the second floor was also fluffy.

And the mining was so good that I got up pleasantly.

I was happy to wake up in the warm sunshine.

It could smell and it would have been uncomfortable if I ate inside

I don't know how good it was to have a barbecue outside the pension.

I also baked it when I came to play, saying I had to eat meat.

It was a point where I could feel the feeling of coming to play.

It is a reality that it is difficult to travel these days.

So I and my friends chose a woljin dongchae pension.

I was relieved because it was a solitary pension.

It was a pleasant trip because I could heal my friends at will.

It was good enough to think it was possible because it was here.

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