value of collection on real luxury goods
Why?As I said to the previous episode-I have a hundred thousand won for me.What? What does that mean to me?If I own a hundred million wonI'm gonna have to go to the bank accountI thought I should be the one who owns it. That's--that's meaningful.If not,For me, that's what bluffs me. I think it's a […]

As I said to the previous episode-
I have a hundred thousand won for me.
What? What does that mean to me?
If I own a hundred million won
I'm gonna have to go to the bank account
I thought I should be the one who owns it.

That's--that's meaningful.
If not,
For me, that's what bluffs me. I think it's a fantasy-
I heard it strongly.

I'm just saying that...
I realized that this part of the story
I want to share
So-- I hope you don't spend your money
Yes, sir.

No matter how expensive a bag you wear
It's not a mix-up
I told you, a million floating...
I-I didn't want to be... like that.

Of course
This is a very important thing
It was enlightenment
I'm not sure I'm going to be the only one
I have no intention of attacking.

You want to empathize with me
Read it. I think it's easy to write

So, Audrey?
If you can't afford it,
You mean, don't look at people like us?
You may misunderstand that.

I'm a piece of luxury bags
I think.
The work of a craftsman.
So one or two of them--
If you want-- you can live!

So this is the first time
I'm going to try to match that.
But if you want to buy it
What should I buy? But will I regret less?

In my experience,
If you want to buy expensive luxury goods

With a basic, classic line that is not so popular!
So, oh, that's what I can do.
High value for the small intestine.
Rissel, I mean, you can sell it back
I'll buy it in a high-priced bag or jewelry.

I'm sorry I'm the most troubled person
The luxury bags that are so popular that year
I only bought the little velvets.
So after a few years
I can't carry it because it's rustic.

Let me give you an example
like this
They were all the guys who hit Manhattan, New York,
It's also the bag I carried around.
But-- who's carrying this now?
(Celyn Ruggage is still fine; but it has passed the fashion.)

Those are hundreds of people who bought them
I just want to tell you
It's a fad, a bunch of unsavory bags.
I just feel like I've lost money.
There's really nothing left.

You guys...
The price of the bag I want
I think it's a big amount,
If you're buying a big mom,

You're going to be handing over your battalion for a long time
with the most classic design
I can see
This is the design that we've 레플리카 been looking for in years
Don't buy it for a reason
worthy of such a fortune
I recommend buying a bag.

I don't carry those bags. Now
Even if you try to resell
I bought it for 2 million won
The used price is 3-400,000 won

I'm going to give it to someone for 300,000 won
I'm going to tell my sister
I put it together with gifts.

So what are the worthy bags?

Someone-- if you ask me--

"So, Audrey...
So you're not going to buy it anymore. "

When I was fully ready
I'll build it
I don't know how to scream.

Like I said before
The small intestine is long
It's a financial investment!

for example guys-- you raise prices every year!
I've been looking for a couple of years

I've been listening to it for years
I've seen a lot of cases where I sell for more than the price I bought.

Even if it wasn't Chanel
Signature lines really in each brand
Even if it was Rissel, it was worth a lot...
There are children

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