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The healthcare system that has evolved over a long period of time.Now everyone's going to see a doctor at a nearby hospital.It's spread as widely as far as we can. like the old daysYou don't have to go to the hospital you want.The time has come when you can choose.​The increase in options means that […]

The healthcare system that has evolved over a long period of time.

Now everyone's going to see a doctor at a nearby hospital.

It's spread as widely as far as we can. like the old days

You don't have to go to the hospital you want.

The time has come when you can choose.

The increase in options means that the hospital has no choice.

The increase is a big part of it.

There are. A lot of hospitals in the neighborhood.

They're concentrated and competing against each other.

You know, there's a hospital that treats people,

If you're competing, you're not going to be able to do it.

I'm sure you do, but running a hospital is 백링크 also a good idea.

It's an absolute business. In a way.

It's a market economy that pays for healthcare.

You can think of it as a company that sells it sells.

These hospitals are designed to increase sales.

That is, we're doing marketing to attract patients.

It's a matter of course. among the customers

It raises awareness and inspires positive images.

Marketing processes are sometimes outstanding

Even more revenue improvements than services

It's because.

On the positive side of this marketing,

He's got great skills, he's got good health care.

The hospital we're offering is unknown to the patients.

The fact that you can avoid being shunned.

I have it.

This is the first element. The hospital itself.

Identify capabilities and make them more profitability

It's used as a stepping stone.

It's a positive thing for both patients and hospitals.

It could be an improvement.

But the hospital doesn't care about the human body.

It's a place that has a lot to do with life.

That's why there's so much to make a profit.

The act is legally prohibited.

The regulations on medical marketing, healthcare advertising,

It's an important position among the banned ones.

There is. This is the marketing of plastic surgery.

This is the second important element.

In medical law, misrepresentation, marketing.

We're not going to let them suffer inappropriate damage.

Regulations are regulated through a number of provisions to prevent.

We're going to keep these regulations in place and make sure that they're

It's not easy to make marketing efficiency.

Plastic surgery marketing continues to grow in hospitals,

Winning and Surviving in the Growing Competition

This is one of the ways to. a particular disease

To improve beauty and quality of life rather than cure.

Plastic surgery is more important to many people.

This is marketing.

The patient's range is limited, and they're one of them.

It's a big percentage, so it's about the hospital.

It gives you a good image and gives you brand value.

The importance of marketing to increase it is very important.

In medical law, this kind of marketing competition is overheated.

We're going to take certain measures to control them.

There is, basically, marketing for competition.

to ensure that the means do not harm the order of the medical market

It says you should.

Article 27 of the Medical Service Act provides a discount on personal charges.

or the act, money, goods, or convenience of exemption;

to introduce or attract patients by providing

I'm banning it.

Articles 56 and 57 also refer to the healthcare advertisement as the subject.

Restrictions on content, etc.

Strictly with the criteria for deliberation in various areas


The punishment for violating it is also strong.

From fines to business suspensions

As much as there is, when marketing plastic surgery,

He's careful with the medical law.

You should try not to.

There's a lot of restrictions, but that's all.

Marketing is not impossible.

to the extent that it does not violate medical law

If marketing is carried out using various methods,

It can produce sufficient efficiency.

It's just that running and managing a hospital is a big deal.

We don't have enough time to worry about it.

To study and to succeed through many constraints

It's going to be extremely difficult.

The solution is simple.

You're getting help.

If you have a lot of experience in marketing plastic surgery,

And if you're familiar with medical law, what do you mean?

How do you control the water level?

Which channels would be effective?

I'm sure you know it well. of these specialists

I think it's a good idea to get help in marketing.

It's the third element and the easiest way.

The marketing of plastic surgery is also about medical advertising.

Competition is one of the most intense pillars.

There's a lot of plastic surgery going on, and it's going to be intense.

Appealing himself to patients, recognition,

We strive to increase sales.

Surviving the fierce competition.

If you'd like to, of course, compliance with the basic medical law.

Differentiated from other hospitals and gained strength

You can use a wide variety of channels.

You need flexibility.

I want to be eliminated as times change.

If you don't, if you want to increase sales, you've got enough

After much consideration and consideration, you adjust to the situation.

You need to be more capable.

Clear goals, efficient strategies, and rapid adaptation.

These are the most important factors in this situation.

The Pimacers, the advertising agency,

And in this respect, I'm going to give you the best possible help.

I can give it to you.

But I can't believe we're doing the marketing right now.

I'm worried about marketing, about the medical law,

The financial burden is on your mind.

I'll catch your ankle. Not only that.

I don't think you're familiar with the hospital ads.

It's not like giving work to outside people.

You may not like it.

Pimacers are asking these questions.

I understand everything. by one's ability

I'm going to convince you, so I'm not going to let you worry.

I don't need it.

so many that it's hard to count right now.

Hospital marketing experts who have been marketing hospitals

Review the optimal channels to make them more efficiently efficient.

Make strategies, make good content.

It can get stuck in the eyes of consumers.

Hospital marketing that feels complicated and difficult.

If you're with the Pimakers, you'll have a better future.

You'll be able to welcome it.

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