Types of massage that make your waist slimmer
Appearing prominent toxic even wear pretty clothes back.We want the coronavirus to end.If you're thinking about how to spend your vacation,That's a lot.It's just a vacation.I'm worried about this thick waistline.For those of you who have it, there's something you can do at home.I brought home tie line creation.The S-line is just like someone else's […]

Appearing prominent toxic even wear pretty clothes back.

We want the coronavirus to end.

If you're thinking about how to spend your vacation,

That's a lot.

It's just a vacation.

I'm worried about this thick waistline.

For those of you who have it, there's something you can do at home.

I brought home tie line creation.

The S-line is just like someone else's story.

If you don't think you're a part of it'sir.

I'm sure there are.

Not at all.

Our bodies work hard, and our performance is not good enough.

It's completely revealed.

The waistline, of course, is an external factor.

It's directly related to health.

You shouldn't leave it because it keeps getting thick.

Well, then, with ten minutes of investment,

How to make a pretty S shape!

I'll share it right away:)

The first one is the side plank hip drop.

with one's feet still on the ground

You have to keep your legs straight.

10 requirements each!

The second one is 홈타이 the tie plank.

You have to keep your back from bending.

And you can't shake your body.

Ten times each!

The third one is Windmills.

With his knees bent slightly, his eyes were glued to him.

You must be looking at the toes.

You can do all the moves 10 times so far.

And the fourth one,

It's a double leg circle move.

You can do it 20 times in total.

Straighten your knees as much as you can.

The key point is that it works slowly.

The fifth one is the Russian twist move.

You can put your feet on the floor.

However, you have to move your arms together when you are in a rush.

This action is done 10 times.

The sixth one is Plank Tabs 10 times.

The key point is not to bend your knees.

And when your hips go up, your balance goes up.

It can break, so be careful.

Lastly, it's a standing Woodchaps move.

You have to follow your hand, not anywhere else.

Of course, I'm not going to bend my back here.

You have to do it 10 times each.

Now, if you've followed me all the way here,

Ten minutes must have passed quickly.

Losing weight and building lines...

One or two times, it's not really worth seeing.

It's bound to be difficult.

It's a simple gesture right now.

If you're persistent and persistent,

With this simple movement,

You can make a pretty waistline.

It has to be simple at home, too.

I don't know if you guys can take the time to do it.

I'm afraid not:)

It's good to start with some kind of motivation,

The waist I mentioned earlier is...

It's got an external side, but it's got our health.

It's a body part that's very close.

So for your own health,

Rather than putting too much pressure from the start,

I'd like to learn one by one.

Until you get a satisfactory waistline.

I hope you guys will be successful home care

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