Stretching made me feel better and refreshed for a long time went by.
Here's a knee blanket and scrubbing.Yeah, but he's especially good with a knee blanket.With warm feet, they're relatively susceptible to cold.A man like me, if he's covering his lap blankets,My body gets warm very quickly.If you drink the tea that's served at this time, your body will be moreIt's getting warmer, and you're taking a […]

Here's a knee blanket and scrubbing.

Yeah, but he's especially good with a knee blanket.

With warm feet, they're relatively susceptible to cold.

A man like me, if he's covering his lap blankets,

My body gets warm very quickly.

If you drink the tea that's served at this time, your body will be more

It's getting warmer, and you're taking a good rest.

I have a feeling there is.

There's some foot bath ready when you go in.

I was worried that it might have cooled down, but not at all.

But I can start taking foot baths right away.

It was fine.

After I got my feet soaked in warm water, I got a scrub.

By the time I get it, my feet look ugly and stick it out.

I was embarrassed to have it, but I'm going to use my hands to

You're pushing it on both sides, and you're peeling the dead skin.

All the dead skin cells and clumped muscles are gone.

We're both going to get a tie at 마사지 Changwon Massage.

I think the word Fantastic is used in this situation.

A professional Korean administrator pressed it with his hand and strongly.

If you want the pressure to go in, push it more with your elbow.

It didn't just hurt. It was so cool.

And where there's something you want me to focus on.

I talked to him about his shoulder, and he said I was uncomfortable.

He's released every detail of his feelings.

It's not the end, it's the stretching.

It's more than stretching yourself out.

I've been stretching with professional help.

It worked out quickly, and it lasted a long time.

I felt this day when I was getting a massage.

Is there any area you want me to press intensively?

I loved it when you asked me.

The reservation may be closed, so it's better to make a reservation in advance. I made a phone reservation 4 days ago and got a massage at any time I wanted. I made a reservation over the phone, but I was looking forward to it more because the person who gave me the reservation consultation was really close.

When my mom and dad come together, they'll have a massage in Changwon.

In a group room where you can get it all at once.

I could go in there.

It's a sitting-down, room floor.

lying on one's lower neck, not cold, but warm.

I thought it would be nice to feel like I was getting it.

My brother wants to use a single room by himself.

But I think it's cozy because it's our brother and sister's

It was better than their own rooms.

After Sangnam-dong Massage, I'll come out and have a cup of tea.

The tables and chairs are ready to drink.

It's ready.

You can just sit here and relax.

When you're sitting on a chair and resting, you're this warm.

Get me a cup of tea.

All the space is comfortable here.

I feel more comfortable when I talk to him.

So, among the women, I'm going to get a Changwon massage.

I guess they make friends and hang out together a lot.

One massage makes my body and mind comfortable.

I recommend Cheongdam The Thai to improve your condition.

I'll finish the review I prepared.

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