Itaewon Tymassage 홈타이 Home Therapy
Long holidays called Golden HolidaysAfter finishing the golden holiday, I came out of the house.I'm still a little scared, so I don't think there'll be anyone out there.I tend to move during weekdays.I'm so frustrated that I can't get the Tai Massage out of my mind.I went to get it.​If you go straight from Itaewon […]

Long holidays called Golden Holidays

After finishing the golden holiday, I came out of the house.

I'm still a little scared, so I don't think there'll be anyone out there.

I tend to move during weekdays.

I'm so frustrated that I can't get the Tai Massage out of my mind.

I went to get it.

If you go straight from Itaewon Station, you will find it on the roadside.

So there was no need to go to crowded streets.

Maybe because it was a weekday, there were no people.

In the morning, Mr. Yu helped me work at home, so I felt like I was in a bad mood.

We were just about to get a couple 홈타이 thymassage together.

I went to Itaewon.

Hannam-dong feels quieter than Itaewon.

I go to Hannam-dong more often, and this day, I go to the Itaewon TaiMasaji.

After receiving it, I walked to Hannam-dong and looked around. Gomei 494 Hannam-do

I've been there. Perfect dating course?-

Itaewon Taimasaji Home Therapy, located on the third floor.

The building itself is old and looks old.

It gives off an old vibe, but when you go inside,

It's like an old place with a Thai vibe.

I couldn't see it. Thanks to your early arrival,

We had lunch right downstairs." Taste...^^;;)

Get in at the entrance to the building, go up to the third floor.

The door that says Home Therapy, invisible inside, welcomes you.

I put my shoes in because there is a shoe rack when I enter.

You can keep the key.

You go into the room to get a massage,

There is a separate locker, so you can keep it in that locker.

I want to go on a trip as soon as I enter...

When can I go on a trip?

The locals give you massages, so it's even more.

It reminds me of a trip to Thailand.

I can't go on a trip, but I can't afford vicarious satisfaction

Because I made a reservation in advance and visited.

I waited for a while. It looked very quiet.

While I was waiting, I looked around a little bit and found a sign in use.

I could see the rooms that were already occupied.

It's called a room. I thought you didn't have any guests.

There were quite a few customers who came to get the Tai Masaji.

Anyone who watches the news of sneakers...

I'm waiting around to find out.

Looking around, Yu is watching the news of the ten o'clock snickers.


Although I made a reservation for Itaewon TaiMasaji,

I asked him about the aroma massage.

Just because you're using dalpang oil and aveda oil,

I did it... I've been thinking about it a lot, and I've got a schedule behind me.

Well, I'm afraid I'd rather have a thymassage.

I just decided to get a thymassage.

There's a shower in Itaewon Home Therapy.

If you want to wash after receiving an oil massage, you can use it.

Sounds good. I don't want my hair to get messed up.

I gave up the oil massage, but... But here's the trap.

Don't touch your hair when you get a thymasage.

I forgot to tell you.

I got a cool scalp massage.

Fortunately, it was fortunate that my hair didn't break too much.

There's a private one-person room in the Home Therapy.

There's a couple room, so when you want to get a massage by yourself,

I think I can get it comfortably.

And there's a double room, and if you close the curtains like this,

You can get a massage in an independent space.

I looked around the single room and I looked at the double room.

The two-person room also felt more Thai.

In Thailand, I got a massage lying on the floor.

If you get a thymassage in bed, the massage parlor will be...

I wondered if it was possible. from experience

When I think about it... When I got a Thai massage in Korea before,

I think I got it from the floor,

I saw a familiar floor, but we were in a room with beds.

I got a massage.

We got a massage in this couple room.

It's a bed with a hole in the face, so I'm getting a massage.

It was rather comfortable from the standpoint.

I've been lying on my stomach for quite a while when I got the thymassage.

If you get a long massage with your head sideways and your face down,

Sometimes I feel more uncomfortable with my face and neck.

Put your face in a perforated bed and massage it.

It was much easier to get a Thai massage.

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