The New World of 스웨디시 Massage
I've been sitting on a computer for a while, so...The straight line gets worse.I felt so sick.It's close to visiting Shinnonhyeon Station.I started at Kukkiwon intersection!​I'll show you how to get there at Kukkiwon intersection!It's a shop that remodeled a pretty green door house!​Is that the right place on the way? I wanted to, but, […]

I've been sitting on a computer for a while, so...

The straight line gets worse.

I felt so sick.
It's close to visiting Shinnonhyeon Station.

I started at Kukkiwon intersection!

I'll show you how to get there at Kukkiwon intersection!
It's a shop that remodeled a pretty green door house!

Is that the right place on the way? I wanted to, but, oh, my God, I got hit.
Because I have a price tag at the entrance,

You can also check the amount before entering!

I'm going to be doing the Sensitive Aroma today.

We're taking a 60-minute course.
Because we remodeled our regular home,

It was something more friendly and pretty...

He's also gardening.

It's a massage shop, but it feels like we're at a gues

But inside, it's very luxurious.
The inside was cute and very neat:)
You've done such a great job with the interior design here and there.

I asked and took a picture.

The flower you see in the window is so pretty,

Take a picture with the mood ><

Drink warm tea and tell me about the massage you're getting today.

I heard the explanation!

The massage I'm getting today is...

It's a Swedish massage!

I heard it's a little different from the usual massage I got.

There's a lot less pressure, but it's a massage that relaxes the inner muscles.

You did!!

I was listening and I wanted to get it quickly.

I was so curious!!

So I'm gonna take a sip of the tea and go straight to the massage room

He's on the move!

You did a great job in interior design from one to ten.

From the shower room to the massage room to the dress room where you can fix your makeup.

It was a massage shop with everything!

I was guided to a single 스웨디시 room.

We don't have a separate dressing room.

You hang your clothes on the hanger that's hanging next to it.

You can put your clothes in a box under the chair!

You change into a clean gown and you sit in a chair.

Please bring me some foot bath:)

You dropped the bath bomb on the foot bath.

It smells really good.ᅲ

I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired.

I think the foot bath in warm water is really great 🙂

I was sitting in a foot bath.

Today, I'm going to see the director, Hyo-young, who will be in charge of my massage.

They're in!!

You know, the head of the Hyo-young hospital told me about the massage.

Please explain it again, and I'm finally going into the massage!

The interior of the one-person massage shop is also clean.

It's a massage shop with aroma oil, so it's somewhat slippery.

I thought I'd have one, but it wasn'

It was really nice to get a massage in a clean and pleasant environment. 🙂

It's an aroma oil used in suede.

It's more than I thought.

No, but... it smells really good...

Hyo-young scolded me for being too dry.;;

I haven't put on any body lotion and oil since I finished exercising these days.

It's obvious here.
Swedish massage with weak pressure.

It's a massage that relaxes the body's muscles through aroma.

It was my first time getting a massage...

You really need to get this.

I felt relaxed and tired and drowsy.

I have a really bad neck and shoulders.

You did it with the pressure, and it was really good.

I think I got it meticulously and in detail.

Usually, I have a lot of memories of stiffness or pain after getting a massage.

There was nothing like that here.

It feels like you are managing it carefully by hand (?)

I think I got a massage with a touch like I was handling a treasure.
Usually, massage shops are mostly dark places.

It was bright and cute, and the interior was so good 🙂

Swedish Massage

I strongly recommend it to office workers who have a lot of muscles like me!

Next time, I'll have to come back for a slimming program:)

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