At the Tadavutique, a luxury editing shop in Gwangju,
Hello!!!The holiday is coming soon.​This holiday, due to the maintenance of distance,Maybe ㅠㅠ together in one houseI think I should spend a nice holiday with my family.Is there anyone who is thinking about buying a luxury watch in Daegu?Well, I think my experience would be quite helpful.Actually, I've been working on Cartier Ballon Blue.I think […]


The holiday is coming soon.

This holiday, due to the maintenance of distance,

Maybe ㅠㅠ together in one house

I think I should spend a nice holiday with my family.
Is there anyone who is thinking about buying a luxury watch in Daegu?

Well, I think my experience would be quite helpful.

Actually, I've been working on Cartier Ballon Blue.

I think I've been through all sorts of hardships selling it.£

I've been trying many different ways, but I fell down.

I think I've learned a great deal from just one disposition.

I wish Corona would end soon.

Wish you a happy new year.

Today is Gwangju Luxury Outlet

Luxury Editing Shop
If you ask me why I'm selling a normal carte...

Actually, I got it as a gift 레플리카 early last year.

My wrist is a little thin.

It felt like it was floating!

I mean, when I clean up the clock I was using,

The number one priority is the model year.

I think the more the model year, the more likely it is to be that the product

I'm saying it's not worth it's worth it.

I don't know if it's worth a damn.

If I want more, I'll sell it or not.

I don't think it's gonna take too long to think about it.

Set your own standards. Hurry up.

They say it's better to judge.

If I didn't know, I wouldn't know.

My mind was getting nervous, too.

And so the cartier flared up.
I've used the power of search to find out that these days,

I guess they also buy luxury goods on internet cafes and apps!

I'm gonna take a few pictures on my phone and write what I need.

If you write it down, it's all yours.

It's easier and more convenient to find.

I didn't think it would be possible.😥

So, I'm going to tell you that I'm a very famous online community.

I'm challenging myself.

The result is that I'm upsetting all my expectations.

Sad ending, burr...
I'm putting myself on the disposal train.

But I didn't buy it.

I didn't think about organizing it at all.

But a few days ago, at a group of friends,

I just got a tip on how to dispose of luxury goods!

I'd like to introduce the Tadavutik Gwangju branch.

Located in Chipyong-dong, Gwangju,

Dadabutik is based in Daejeon.

with branches in Cheongju, Jeonju and Gwangju.

It's a luxury editing shop.

There are so many kinds of luxury goods.

He's always popular.

There are some products that are often missing in size.

You buy a lot of high-end fastballs, too.

Because they're products with a lot of course,

I don't think you should try it on or on yourself.

Try it on and buy it right away.

It's a collection of luxury goods that are hot for convenience.

Luxury editing shops are always popular.
Local city, Prada, Balenciaga, Burberry, etc.

Luxury shoes.

Fashion miscellaneous items such as luxury hats, bags, wallets, belts, etc.

Luxury jeans, clothing, etc.

We have various products.

Read the trend of luxury brands.

Wannabe products of all ages,

The size you're looking for in our country's body type.

They're in possession of it.

If you come, you can buy the product you want.

Who wants to shop at the luxury outlet in Gwangju?

You guys are Gwangju Dadabutik~~~

Please remember.

We're running an online mall together.

We are delivering packages nationwide next day.

It's open during the Lunar New Year holidays.

If you plan to shop for the Lunar New Year holidays~

Try to release it!!!

The product and size you're looking for first.

If you can call me,

I think you can shop comfortably.

At the Tadavutique, a luxury editing shop in Gwangju,

Happy meeting~ I'll be waiting.

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