Nonsan Onbit Natural Recreation Forest for Healing
Nonsan Onbit Natural Recreation Forest for Healing​I thought I would visit Nonsan's Natural Recreation Forest this year, but I visited it in December after spending spring, summer, and autumn. I wanted to capture the Metasequoia scenery in the beautiful season, but I thought I was glad that I went late before this year ended. It […]

Nonsan Onbit Natural Recreation Forest for Healing

I thought I would visit Nonsan's Natural Recreation Forest this year, but I visited it in December after spending spring, summer, and autumn. I wanted to capture the Metasequoia scenery in the beautiful season, but I thought I was glad that I went late before this year ended. It was a good recreational forest to take pictures of exotic scenery in the coming spring.

It was my first time going there, so I took a picture of the address and went there. Go about 6km in the direction of Beolgok along the National Road next to Gyeryong IC Expressway, turn right in the direction of the Beolgol Myeon Office (Yonsan), and go 1.2km, and you will see the Onlight Natural Recreation Forest notice board on the left.

I tried to get in a little more with the car, but decided to walk slowly and stopped at the entrance. From the entrance the Metasequoia tree stood a long shadow.

There is a building on the right that looks like a village community, and the dog barked a lot because he felt the dog's presence. I walked with ease because I was afraid of dogs, but the stream was crossing.
It says "Onlight Natural Recreation Forest" again. When I searched for the first word I saw, carbon dioxide absorption was cited as an effective solution to global warming prevention, and the forest carbon listing system is being operated as an alternative to global warming. It means a forest that is created and continuously preserved and used in areas other than forests.

The dog barked a little and then disappeared, and now it seems to have found peace. Passing through the trembling bamboo grove, I could see a house in the distance. You can take a car to that place. 힐링마사지 There's a fairly large parking lot, so you can come in without worrying.

Wow~ There is a Metasequoia tree standing at a great distance, and I thought it would have been great if it came a little early.

It's not far away, but I looked back on the way I came. The floor is carpeted with brown metasequoia leaves. The bottom is white and marks are like car tracks.

There was a sign of popularity in the house, but I didn't look at it. The left side of the house seemed to serve as a parking lot, and a team was already coming down for a photo shoot.

There's a building in front of the house that looks like a warehouse. Oh! Look at the color! The scenery of the mountain harmonizing with the trees in such a beautiful way was felt as a treasure.

It was good to take pictures around him for a long time. It was too far until spring and when it snowed, I thought that I should run and capture this scene again.

When I got home, I drew it while looking at the picture. It's in the morning, but the shadows are like this, so I think it'll be dark by 3-4 o'clock. I think I'll have to come again in the next time.

The warehouse on the opposite side was the same color, and next to it, container boxes were mixed with trees, so it didn't seem to be a winter scene.

There were letters and chains that said the car could no longer climb, leading to a trail that could only be reached on foot.

Wow~~ I think both sides of the road were maples, and I just found ginkgo leaves that fell between the soft-footed leaves~ I walked imagining how beautiful they must have been.

And at the end of the trail, you can see the dam on the left. And beyond that there is a yellow wooden building and all around it is the Metasequoia Forest.

Wow~ Even in this gloomy season, it is so beautiful, but I think it will give you a really exotic view in other seasons.

Although it was regrettable that there was not much water in the dam, the sky was still beautiful over the narrow water. Who's gonna live in that house? If you cross the bridge, you can go to the front of your house, but today you'll be satisfied to see it here~ There's a deck in the location of this photo, so you can sit for a while and look at the scenery

I look up at the sky.

Nonsan's Onbit Natural Recreation Forest seems to be a good place for non-face-to-face travel at a time when going out is getting harder with Corona 19. As a team left when they came in, and we were the only ones now, so it seemed like the entire arboretum was rented out.

There were sculptures (such as a day room) that did not go well with the arboretum in all directions in a fairly spacious vacant lot and slides. It was surprisingly well matched with the forest. When I climbed up, I could lean on the tree for a while and play shadow.

There is a road to the left, so I decided to go up a little more. The top part was well maintained as if there were solvents on the top.

The old plain is now covered with a quilt called fallen leaves, and is ready for the next season.

It was nice to walk because the warm sunshine fell on the road. The straight-out metasequoia tree had ten thousand leaves at the end of the branch. It's a disappointing season, but I wanted to continue walking with the comfort of colors.

The Nonsan Onbit Natural Recreation Forest, which is open to everyone without a ticket office or admission fee, was enough to provide peace of mind if not green.

The Onbit Natural Recreation Forest, which was beautiful and tranquil even though it was not green, was full of light like its name. On a snowy day, walk this road again.

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